In Search of Happiness

True happiness, real happiness, the deep feeling of release through laughter eludes us all too often. I am reminded that my family’s complexities were all too often broken free from normalcy with teasing, jokes, and nearly all of us when brought together were allowed to be fearless clowns in one form or another.

Why is it that we are in such a state where smiling openly and infrequently laughing at the world and at ourselves appears increasginly more the norm.?  Why do we take ourselves and our lot in life sooooo seriously?

I am beginning to worry that it may indeed be an affliction gone rampant in a world of trying to make things work and survive and we have forgotten that with laughter comes for a moment true happiness.  These moments are far to few and far between, thus I am concerned and on a quest to access steps to transform more frowns into smiles beginning with my own semi-happy existence.

Things that make us smile

In the process of living our lives, doing our jobs and being there for our families, it is important to note that life truly is a performance and the ability transcend beyond into more than simply being a participant.

An important factor to keep in mind and something that continues to drive me upward and onward is that humor, happiness, comedy and the ability to see the lighter side of life is an up to the moment work in progress.

It is not something well scripted, well planned for optimal release, it is spontaneous and free wheeling.  Laughter is more a mindset that when allowed to flourish, creeps in and allows us to break free for a moment, smile and draw into our sphere of life others who may need a little lighthearted sharing more than we now know.

We have indeed been training ourselves to forget that entertainment comes not only from the TV, the ball game or the movie theater. It comes from inside from a place that should allow us to be more silly, more centered on making others feel good and ultimately the sharing of an old fashioned belly laugh which in turn posts a “break free” from our simple existence.

An example of how far we have wandered from a path of life enjoyment and happiness was a child’s remarks about the coming of Santa to a local mall.  This wonderful child was elated at first, but then described the jolly depiction of a fat, jolly man with big red cheeks as one who is far too overweight, and most likely diabetic from living on only cookies and hot cocoa.

Have we programed ourselves to not see the joy in all things and have instead conditioned our children and ourselves to be all too serious about something that should really not be taken all that seriously – life.  Learn to realize and trust again that we are on a fantastic journey, one that is to be lived deeply and enjoyed to the fullest of our abilities.  Smile often and laugh frequently.

Here’s to sharing much laughter with those you love and cherish dearly.  Smiles are far easier to express than frowns and a wrinkled brow.  Make someone else enjoy their day more by wearing a ridiculous outfit or hat and always smile at strangers!  Hey, it’s a start!


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