The Girl Who Giggled

Fatherhood is a most blissful event that provides unbelievable feelings that can hardly be described in words, the emotional connection that tugs at your heart with such strength and the tears of joy are often difficult to hold back. With each triumph in their young lives the pride overwhelms and you are taken on a journey of joy.

I have been very fortunate as I was blessed with both a son and daughter having waited until in my late thirties to become a father. They are beautiful, healthy, smart and they love me. You can be certain that my level of appreciation for such wonderful crib monkeys is astounding as I have experienced no better feeling… ever.  The love I feel deeply repeats and replenishes itself every time I see them and they bless me with a smile and a hug.

My appreciation for and understanding of women, jumped several levels through the experience of childbirth along with the early days of feeding, the sleepless nights, the diaper bang, the frozen breast milk, the confounded folding stroller, all the special things a baby needs.

When you take into consideration that with each pregnancy there are a myriad of potential problems and dangers that can arise, and up until the early 1930s, there was a good chance of injury during a difficult birth for both the mother and child, even death. To have survived this ordeal of infant concerns has made me a much better person and my appreciation of what women go through to give birth deepens my respect as a human being.

The glow that comes from the adoration of children is muted at times seeing a child who struggles with an issue from a challenging birth, an illness, a disease or an injury as a very young child.  I strive to believe as a man and a father, that the parents of these special children get more than enough love and care to carry them into adult hood and beyond.

Another unique view of life is experienced with different appreciation when children who are gifted enter the room.  They too have a tough time gaining acceptance!  I know all too well how children have helped me understand life in a better way and we must take the time to truly listen to their wise words and learn from their inspired quest to gain knowledge.

What saddens me most is when one of our mutual, beautiful beings on this earth, is held down, held back or even teased for a part of them over which they have little or no control.  My time spent with all young people in general keeps me feeling young and wanting to create. Why then I ask would anyone wish to control or suppress the innocence and joy of a child?

An example of a hindered appreciation of a unique and natural ability of a wondrous child now grown into a beautiful woman.  I believe that she was repeatedly subdued or even teased about her expression of a most wonderful talent and ability, via the open giving to all of pure glee and true happiness.  She had been asked or is was recommended that she refrain from what was perceived as an annoying habit of giggling freely and often! Now, I may be the only person in the world who truly and deeply appreciates this person for all that she is, but the giggling, the wonderment of happiness freely expressed, is truly one of the best feelings ever.

As a man fortunate enough to be referred to as a friend indeed, and one who has a deep appreciation of all things wonderful, I am perplexed why someone as perfect as this child would ever be subjected to ridicule or oppression. In my novice opinion her true and deep appreciation of how wonderful she is has been weakened by this experience.  I worry about how long these giggles have been suppressed, for far too long is my guess.

However, she obviously had been nurtured as a child by someone very special, for her heart and her warmth are a reflected via a special spirit who has held her hand during the good and the bad times. She is now making much progress today as it is quite obvious that there is a happy person who is nearly bursting out and into a life of freedom.  I am hopeful that she will happy for her giggles are very warm, compelling and quite fabulous indeed.

Live and appreciate all of the special wonder of the world and make it a point to instigate a giggle and a grin, pressing ever onward toward a smile.


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