Your audience and why…

Why we write?

I have read about this before as it pertains directly to why I want to write and have always wanted to write, but this morning it seems to ring more true and clear. As I struggle a bit to write more, write better, keep my inspiration aflame and in search for my stories, I’m thinking about tattooing these words of advice somewhere secret so I’ll always remember them…

  • Always write for your audience

So far my audience has selfishly been me and only me. Aside from one special spirit and significant soul who is also the muse that tricked me into reconnecting with my heart. How I now look at life, appreciate my creative bent more and I am so grateful for our world had not prepared me for the link to which I’d been searching. Thank you muse, I owe you big time.

Yet somewhere in the back of my creative self, there has always been a nagging voice that constantly reminds me that my “why” for writing is and always will be a desire to offer my help via communication. To offer my experiences, my Ah Ha moments, my lessons learned and the scars of life that I now so proudly display in an effort to help others, yet instigate a smile and provoke laughter so deep that tears are released from within.

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anaïs Nin

My pain and feelings of mistrust felt over these past few years had truly bewildered my sense of love and appreciation, it had indeed broken me down and the spirit from within had dwindled into a mere flicker of limited existence.

What I had thought was a decision to run away to start fresh, turned out to be an outreach for help which then turned into a leap towards something I would find to be a far better reason. Something super natural was pulling me toward a new life and ultimately a connection of like souls.

What I was discovering was that the self is not something one finds, my new self, the feelings of hope and knowing was something I needed to create. I was heading in the right direction and I could feel that my heart and mind were being rewarded for doing so.  The powers that be were recommending, if not insisting that I do more, do it now and do it often.

“I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.” ~ Mother Teresa

Little did I know that the creation of my new and better self would be inspired by a need to connect with a new life guided by chance meetings, wondrous connections and the understanding that where ever I was headed, there was a powerful force pulling me forward. Into a world where I was not just saving myself, but the hopes and dreams of others as well.

What I realized was that I was meant to be where I am now, no explanation needed for as of today, I cannot clarify my conviction in mere words. Rest assured that with words, thoughts, a new passion and much inspiration I wander along at a freshened pace alongside a sprit that compels. Believe me when I tell you all that I am a much better man for it.


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