efficient time abuse

Waking moments for most lean towards a typical, if not boring existence. Busy schedules interspersed with a meals, work, commuting, entertainment or even better if you are so very fortunate, spending  quality time with those we love.

an appropriate time for ideas

A fortunate few of us have the oddest hours utilized most efficiently with sleepless inspired moments cushioned by wondrous naps and caffein. A not so tender freshening welcomed whole heartedly still, sleep when you are dead.

Health Hint #1 – Taking frequent breaks to unknot your nikkers which will spare your sanity for a moment and there’s nothing better for the heart and mind than a fortuitous writhing.

Moments underutilized are consumed rapidly, allowing the assistance of your whole self for you can learn how to burn the candle at both ends.

You don’t think you can do it? Think back when you were either falling in or out of love. While you are busily tending to your daily reality, the thought of another is with you every moment of your day, and for you are unable to shut the thoughts off completely for a while. This is what I mean by loading up brain and body, working the wee hours, walking at night, writing, wondering, and longing which are all having a better affect on my soul.

Back a few, I discovered that when I splurge my senses allowing to be pummeled from two or more directions; it heightens the creative and I enjoy more sensual thinking, writing and feeling. It is addicting, even alone it addicting…

Still require a better definition of the term “time abuse?” Or do you understand the connection with our forced waking hours and the wanting of more inspiration, more passion and more heated breath. I think not…

It’s not abusive or damaging really, it’s just closer to one’s wishes being met and that feels quite good indeed.  Some just can’t take the heat or the friction or of pushing your mental limits while dragging your body along.

For I have tasted speed and victory, and I’m having a much easier time with not taking no for an answer.

I running low on candles and I do hope you brought matches.


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