in appreciation of…

The appreciation of color should be of more importance in people’s lives, for there is far too much black, white and gray in view of our senses. What about purple, shouldn’t it be more widely appreciated and adorned? Does it not make you feel happy and intensify our belief in beauty and serenity?

My appreciation of this “royal” color intensifies as I share in it’s uniqueness and  I can feel more as I allow the significance of different combinations of red an blue enhance my life. I may not drive a purple car, but I certainly wouldn’t mind being seen driving one. It is an expressive color of comfort, bliss, a lightness and an enhancement of personal charm and fun!

A favorite color? I have jumped from red to green to blue depending on my mood, the season or the circumstances. What I have discovered in my quest to better understand of my intentions, my energies and my passions is that we as individual needn’t choose a favorite anything.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

I do like certain foods, certain wines, special places, special experiences that endure and certain music and verse, but then again there are so many choices as the world is full of opportunities to try to enjoy new things. One thing is for certain though, I have specific, rather intense feelings and beliefs which I have garnered over the years that are indeed true favorites if not the foundation of a personal mantra. I cling to them with a hope for more and an appreciation for the possibility of a next time, preferrable sooner than later.

What we all seem to do is take for granted what’s available to us all, which can and will decrease our ability to enjoy what we love about life. We are so busy, we are so distracted and we are so mulled into routine, to actually take the time to appreciate the fragrance of a flower or the feel of fine silk on the skin or the melody and rhyme of a favorite song. For some, we may have forgotten completely how to truly and deeply appreciate the wonders of our world.

Perhaps one of the byproducts of being an adult; the drive for success, bigger homes, nicer clothes, faster and more luxurious cars. We separate ourselves from a more pure openness to surprise and delight. When are children are grown and leave the nest that the appreciation for simpler, inherently blissful things tends to increase for our age and being accountable only for ourselves brings with it a ton of change. Thank goodness for little dogs!

I have lived a great life, I have fathered healthy, beautiful children and have seen my parents live long happy lives where I grew much wiser and calmer from the connection shared when they weakened and needed my assistance. I have been in love, yet only a very few, rare times, and I am familiar with the feelings of want and loss, I have lost trust and survived two divorces. My influences and sensitive awareness of a wonderful life stirs the flames that keep my desire to create warm and vibrant.

Today a new man, a more appreciative gent who lives for new experiences and who insists on taking the time to appreciate more of everything while I wander the unknown. Partly because of a zest for all things wonderful, I have been blessed with a new and much better view of the potential in all things, I am at peace especially when I am in and amongst nature.

The future looks bright, and I have unlocked a desire I have carried with me most of my life – the need to write. Though a bit frightening at times, an inspiration for more than a few sleepless nights, the need to read more than ever before in my life, I am loving the transformation. At the core of each new day is the allowance to see things differently, deal with people in a more caring fashion and to ask more questions and connect with those I care for on a deeper level.

A better understanding and new affection for special friends and family that I have never before experienced now fills my days. The flow of thoughts about how lucky I am tend to stay fresher and cleaner in all my daily considerations, aroused actions, inspired ideas and thoughts. The current predicament is lush with light and freedom, the words flow, and the emotion in sync with a need for more, more please.

The chase after what is sweet and succulent pervades my senses as I am feeling more comfortable with living a life of passion and discovery. We only need allow it to become part of us, the trend may indeed continue openly as I have discovered, giving pleasure and contentment to the mind and senses.

“Without structure and discipline to our journey, we’re never going to get anywhere.” ~  Yehuda Berg

I am learning more about how our view of the world is a template for our acceptance and appreciation of all things. The elimination of pre-programmed and unsupportive behaviors, for we can either create rituals that bring us light or continue to develop bad habits that keep us in darkness. It is all up to you!

To step outside ourselves and turn the wonder dial up a few notches brings with it a rush of anticipation and freedom to change, for not knowing what you might find is daunting yet a wondrous cure for your woes of mediocrity. Do it for yourself, do it for those who you love and cherish for the process of passing on this positive energy to others will be automatic and inspire them to follow a new path.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank


2 thoughts on “in appreciation of…

    1. Thank you Cindy and I absolute love your blog – I am a green pea, I have only two other followers. A great friend who is going through much, who is also is starting to write and my loving sister. I do not publish my writing to the world and I have not leaped into the world of WordPress with much of my time yet. I am a believer, a follower of the Law of Attraction, I respect the power of my feelings and would ultimately love to earn a comfortable living by writing. Thanks you in advance for your follow, your advice and any further communication. Edward

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