unspoken cry for help

“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” ~ Henry James

In our desire to assist, to help, and to soothe we giving sorts have a challenge to deal with every single day. We understand better than anyone how a large part of our happiness comes from the willingness and effort involved in helping others and giving of ourselves and our time is a blissful event.

To access our goodwill and open ourselves up, remain light-hearted, offer at the very least a smile, a kind word or a hand of reassurance. This is an opportunity to be more friendly and welcoming, a talent and regular pastime I adore. Any shock on people’s faces or dismay in a a elderly persons heart, I have felt fade quickly once their assumption of any “intension” on your part is made clear.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

The popularity of “free hugs” is a representation of this phenomenon. At first the free huger poised at the entrance of a busy street corner in a large metropolitan city with a sign hanging from his neck is initially shunned and ignored. Until at which the first recipient walks up and accepts the open expression of love and care.

The flow of individuals who then cave to the pressure of something offered for free that feels so good are all at once overwhelmed.

My question to you then, who wins in this scenario, the huger or the one being huged?

There are many reasons why we might shy away from the desire for acceptance and feelings of being an active part of a caring humanity. We are all busy, we are all at times overwhelmed with our day-to-day and from I am seeing more of recently is that “participation” in a giving, compassionate way tends to scare many into seclusion.

When you take into consideration that the receiving factor equals the giving factor and indeed entail the very same effort in this free hug example, once you get the ball rolling your mindset will surely flow with the inspired pleasure associated with the desire to give more. If only for a moment, it takes persistence and patience to give of ourselves openly and freely.

It’s in the approach to people and connecting with others, talking to people in ways where they feel comfortable, an approach that includes little or no intension. Results, the sale, a favor, or of anything that is not truly a free. The need to ask or expect something in return for our actions has become the mode of typical operations.

It is within our personal relationship with ourselves and others, your positioning, your posture, your inflection and your tone that clearly depicts your willingness and sincere interest in others.

Be aware of your presence and release the need to achieve and work more with your interest to understand and assist. I have learned much through the power of observation and the magic of intently listening to what people have to say. The soft underbelly of a fighting for survival world, it brings us to this center of existence and draws out the very best in some and the very worst in others.

However, I am seeing and feeling a movement that inspires and one which holds true to my very own incorrigible second nature. I am pleased to see progress in a giving wave which is pulling softly and firmly on the hearts of mankind.  Natural disasters aside, the end of hunger worldwide and the numerous activities of volunteers are becoming more main stream in world news.

For us as individuals, we have our neighbors and our communities and the effort involved in lending a helping hand is being seen by others, not as a weakness, but as a strength. A strength in numbers of common souls who wish to help and bring together a movement of kindness may indeed prevail.

Go out and hug someone or encourage a smile with a smile, for no other reason than to let them know that you care or that you simply are so annoyingly friendly that it hurts deep inside not to do so on a very regular basis.

Go for it as it is an awesome feeling indeed!


5 thoughts on “unspoken cry for help

  1. Awesome post Edward. Great positive thoughts and insights. I think this wave of kindess that you are seeing is enhanced by our ever-growing connections to all types of people and cultures. We are truly becoming a world-culture and in that we are learning to be more compassionate and more kind.

    1. Thanks Oscar – I too believe that we are becoming more compassionate and I feel a kindness in many who may not have done so willingly in the past. Our continued connections with like minded folks is a key to helping this movement grow.

  2. Unfortunately I don’t see giving without expecting as much as you do. Giving without expecting something in return is rarer than one would think. I have given this some thought because I desire to establish a nonprofit someday. When I was younger I expected people to be a little grateful. I have realized if one helps for this reason they will be disappointed.

    I do agree that we are moving toward being a more compassionate world culture. Although that movement may still be too slow.

    I find it interesting that you choose to use hugs to illustrate a movement towards a more caring society. I have been struggling with how ritualized aggression can best be used to reach these same objectives.

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