being courageous

“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.” ~ John Quincy Adams

Why walk alone and deal with the challenges of life all on your own? Isn’t it so much easier and appealing to follow sheepishly behind those who have succeeded and request or demand their assistance?

The road less traveled appears a less clear path, for far fewer footsteps have beaten back the bushes and the brambles. This trail is more narrow and it leads into a deeper, darker part of the forest that at times have no road signs or landmarks that provide much-needed direction.

The journey of the brave, who have discovered that you always have options; it’s the decisions you choose to make that set the stage for your own victories and happiness. It’s an inspiration that wanes in our world today, and I for one am in search of why I am uncomfortable with merely following.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu

The choice to stand out alone, clearing your mind and devising an intelligent, resourceful plan, and with courage should bring success through most of all life’s challenges. However, with courage there must also be patience, perseverance and the willingness to see things through to the end goes far beyond simply having the inspiration to succeed.

A fire in the heart, mind and soul as a burning desire to overcome what may be seen as something wrongly imposed will help anyone who has made the decision to progress. It is something that must be stoked each and every morning, for the feeling of being overwhelmed can intrude and douse even the hotest of flames.

A process of uncovering your spirit sense and discovering the passion that you may have once enjoyed can seem a daunting, even monumental undertaking. The continued quest to find our true potential will indeed be rewarding beyond perhaps what we ourselves had envisioned.

As was taught to me several years ago by a wise elderly woman who had faced much hardship, survived five marriages and yet had succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. The recovery from traumatic event tends to destroy us or make us stronger she reminded me more often often than I can count.

She insisted that it was as simple as getting in touch with the unsung hero in us all, removing the clutter and confusion that holds us in bondage and once we have felt that we have reached the very end of our rope, we simply begin in ernest again anyway.

She also had told me that my life would not really begin until I was fifty years of age. She knew what I was going through with a recent divorce, the loss of twin girls just prior to their birth, and an abrupt, unexpected career change. She somehow understood that I was the type of person who would ceaselessly analyze or die trying to better understand who I had and would become. Over and over again, she repeated, there would be attempts to digest and overcome life’s challenges until one day we would see the light that would guide us toward a much more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

I would house for her and take care of her nine cats without hesitation on occasion and she stated that anyone who was willing to take on that challenge willingly for such little reward, could literally do anything. Bernice was a wise soul, a good friend and a confidant in deep discussion about life and all it’s possibilities, may she rest in eternal peace.

A secret that I hope will assist us all in our quest to courageously succeed at whatever life journey we choose to undertake, it’s all about living through and appreciation of the galant acts of others.

Inspired by their beliefs and their will to assist others even more powerfully so than the concern the safety of their own lives. There are many who have lived before us and other’s who are still alive today who have searched for and received the calling of greatness. Their stories are there for us to learn and grow in our inspiration to accomplish amazing things.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

I love to read stories about the thousands of heroes that dot the pages of history. For we can learn from and emulate their passion. I grow stronger from the desire to enable such courage, and there is something about a stand of personal conviction that keeps me thinking that there are no limits to what we as individuals and groups standing together can accomplish.


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