a blissful reaching out

I was nearly overcome by the spirit of the holidays already! The stores are displaying decorations, toys are piled high on the shelves, there are a myriad of recommended gifts for Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma, even a few excellent and thoughtful suggestions for the man or woman “who has everything.”

Christmas music is playing in the malls and on the radio, there are tree lots emerging, and the temptation of Black Friday has surpassed any concern for a Happy Thanksgiving. Where is my Santa costume, the garlands of tiny twinkling lights, my plastic wreath for the front door?

There wells up from within me a stronger intention of how to experience this holiday season as in a mere 37 days it will all be over. I can then focus my thoughts on New Years resolutions of signing up for Salsa lessons, attending Yoga classes, learning the piano, etc., I most likely not keep.

I’ve been fortunate, extremely fortunate some might say for I am comfortable in my own skin and I am loving the feeling of giving thanks and reaching out a hand of assistance for those needing it most dearly, simply because I can. Is there a better feeling, I think not, for being happy with oneself is the true secret to our ability to give to others.

To look beyond our festive holiday lives and be wiling to actually see the efforts of others desiring to be of assistance, to better understand an impulse of providing meals on two special holiday occasions. As the holidays approach at full speed I am more willing and able to approach a table at the grocery store where volunteers are collecting food or selling baked goods to simply ask about their mission to help others.

It is something we should all do, not that you have to give so much, a small donation by more caring souls can indeed make a huge difference.

Get past your fears that someone is always there with an outstretched hand hoping for a few dollars or a can of chicken soup. Adopt a new mindset that not only offers a few items of food for those in need, but to step up and ask how you too can help. It will make you a better person and allow a feeling from deep inside that will amaze.

Times are tough for many more than we tend accept or truly realize, those in need are typically not proud of their predicament and for many who may not have to opportunity to enjoy an amazing holiday dinner with family, most of them will ever ask for our assistance.

“Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need. “ ~ Kahlil Gibran


4 thoughts on “a blissful reaching out

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the holiday’s spirit already. As far as I’m concerned the comercial interests are pushing it farther and farther each year. I also like the season, I just wish they didn’t’ start pushing it to us prior to thanksgiving! Other than that, I like it and I’m enjoying it too, all over my neighborhood there are lights and decorations and stuff. As far as helping others, we should do this all the time, not just during the holidays.

  2. A very nice story, thanks. My husband was recently asked to contribute some items to a big shipment going to Hurricane Sandy victims. So, I went to Big Lots to buy 100 qty. washcloths. I guess everyone was contributing 100 qty of something. So, that was my lot. As I was in line, another customer asked me what the washcloths were for and I told her. The cashier overheard us and silently added her employee discount to my purchase. I noticed the discount and asked if she had a coupon she applied and she explained. I was in shock! That’s what it’s all about, everyone doing what they can, even if it doesn’t mean providing a cash contribution. I love this spirit of community and giving. People don’t realize how much of an impact they may have, even if they don’t have the financial resources. What that cashier did I thought was one of the best ways to help. Again, thanks for your story.

    1. Thanks you very much – it is indeed a wondrous feeling to see people coming together in support of those in need. I also think that it is a bit of a snow ball effect and once people see others getting involved, they can’t help to involve themselves in some positive way. I intend on keeping the ball rolling. Edw.

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