the inspiration in trust

Much of a persons inherent belief in and respect for trust in others begins in the very first days of life. This axiom hopefully grows and is nurtured allowing for a healthy, happy rendezvous with our embrace of mankind and our world.

Our ability to hold on to trust in others may falter at times and may indeed depend on how we wrestle with and emerge from the trauma of life. The inspiration to continue with a positive view of the potential of people to be good, kind and trustworthy can indeed be a life long challenge.

“It is so rare in this world to meet a trustworthy person who truly wants to help you, and finding such a person can make you feel warm and safe, even if you are in the middle of a windy valley high up in the mountains.” ~ Lemony Snicket

Trust may become damaged or lost completely during a life event, a failed relationship, from sheer neglect or even abuse. As we progress, it is imperative that we understand that in anyone, “It is in what we risk, is what we value.” Without trust in ourselves however, this may indeed be quite impossible.

Trust is one of those beautiful aspects of friendships, business relationships or what I find so very compelling, the open and unwavering trust in one’s partner.

“I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.” ~ Mother Teresa

I have been allowed a unique and very appealing view of life these past few years and this new perception includes a special appreciation for the human condition. It may indeed offer a new understanding that the world is held together on a day-to-day basis with only faith and trust as it’s catalyst. The swarming masses are indeed held together by a common thread which in my perpetually optimistic view – our heart-felt belief in one another.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

Our ability to gain trust, rebuild trust and offer ourselves to others with the only unit of measure being our reputation, this “currency” will build upon everyone’s desire to be accepted for who we truly are – basically good and trustworthy human beings.

The calamity of life, our experiences, our victories, our defeats, our winning or loss of love all have a profound effect that may take us down different paths. Some are damaged deeply by these life lessons creating a cold individual or group that is only interested in one thing and one thing only – themselves.

“Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders.” ~ William Faulkner

My trust in others, especially in those close and dear to me that I garner my appreciation of the wonders of life. Our friends, our families, our faith and our willingness to connect openly is at the heart of moving betond simple existence and I for one truly believe in the power of trust in others.


2 thoughts on “the inspiration in trust

  1. Wonderful post, Ed! I saw a TED talk recently about Trust being the new currency. Fascinating subject matter and you’ve expressed that here in your post, as well. I will share the link if I can remember where I put it.

    p.s. Love the Faulkner quote! It’s giving me something to chew on.

    1. The TED Talk you may be referring to was by Rachel Botsman and I do agree that trust and our reputation will be our most valuable asset. I love this movement and continue to research ways that I can become more involved. Using the internet, our business practices, our blog statements and any other tools available to help build trust is a winning proposition. Thanks for your comments. Edw.

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