What’s not to like?

unemploymentOn August 12, 2012 the United States population reached 314,159,265, or pi (π) times 100 million! Being kind of nerdy with technology and mathmatics this seemed very cool in an odd way. What isn’t so much fun is that the unemployment rate for 2011 was 8.9% which translates conservatively into 13,747,000 employ-able souls out of work.

The prosperous advancement of a career can be at times a daunting task even more these days with the “fiscal cliff” looming just over the horizon. The world, our nation and the economy are all changing however slowly and apparently downwardly. The job opportunity “marketplace” seems to be awash with far more seekers than there are quality assignments available.

My experience as of late with the job search has me thinking that the function of Human Resources, staffing agencies and progressive recruiters are taxed to the limit if not overwhelmed completely with hundreds if not thousands of applications received.

Being actively involved in a career search, I was recently contacted by a professional and very helpful agency that communicated news of an opportunity fitting my abilities and experience perfectly. I received a positive and encouraging email stating that one of their clients was “very interested” in me from reading my resume, my online profile and hopefully via my vast network of professional connections.

A director and hiring manager at the company I hoped to work for had set up a phone interview and everything was looking great. I received an email confirmation with not only a detailed job description, but an outline of key responsibilities and also attached was a ten page outline to assist in a successful phone interview. I was getting very excited about the possibilities…

On the day of the interview, I was prepared, I had researched the company, their staff, their products, their services, their industry focus and their competition – I was very ready to impress! But, 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon came and went with no call and no email explaining their reasoning or why.

The staffing agency who had originally contacted me called a few hours later curious about how things went and they were actually amazed and more than a little concerned that I had not received any communication at all.

A few days went by and always interested in presenting myself as a professional, I called and emailed with follow-up questions in regards to my next best steps. Still no answer, until late Friday afternoon, three days after the originally scheduled interview, an apology was received by the staffing agency, not the employer. The call communicating that an email explanation for the cancellation had fallen through the cracks and a “so sorry for the miscommunication” never felt so empty than on that afternoon.

Very little information about why the interview had been cancelled or any real and concise details were revealed. What I was beginning to suspect was that further reading of my overly qualified and professionally written resume had somehow soured the employer on my being the right fit. I know that things are tough and that the economy is far from being as healthy as certain sources would have us believe, what I was so underwhelmed by was their lack of courtesy and professionalism.

Thankfully, I am an eternal optimist and with the help of exceptional friends I was able to ascertain a proactive plan to contact the company directly and communicate a new, revised resume and cover letter to communicate my sincere, continued interest. Some of us who truly believe in our ability, our availability, to be willing and productive, we see this scenario as a challenge to our wisdom, our vast experience and our pride. To say the least, I was more than a little peeved.

What burns inside today for me is not anger, nor resentment, it is a desire to progress and succeed. My determination is at an all time high this holiday season with exceptionally positive feelings for the coming New Year. What has me even more inspired is that I have a nearly unbelievable amount of resources at my finger tips via the internet and like minded professional friends. I also have connected with many other experts who have offered exceptional advice and guidance.

What is tearing at my heart these days with yet another “rejection” is that why would I ever even want to work for a company with such poor practices? No matter how busy I have been over my 30+ year career, I have never missed a call without an immediate explanation and sincere apology.

Something in our universe is telling me to follow my heart and pursue a better and more fulfilling direction. That incessant nagging is getting louder too, maybe I should stop and listen more actively and enthusiastically. I will succeed…

PS – I sent that companies hiring director a nice note in the mail simply stating “Kiss the fattest part of my ass”…


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