A need for healing

a purple pathThrough all of life’s trials and tribulations we as individuals can indeed emerge from the torment of our past to view and appreciate the unlimited possibility of new and better days. The process that allows for an awakening follows a breaking free from all that has restrained our development and our happiness.

Once we allow ourselves to be alone and more adept at tuning into with who we really are, there emerges an enhanced and calmed admiration for healing and to relearn our hearts desire.

The opportunity to relax, take a series of deep breaths and taking a leisurely walk in nature to connect with our true selves is the first and most important step. We must align our thoughts and our emotions for without a centering of our being, we can not progress and we shall never achieve our new goals and desires without balance.

“Life happened because I turned the pages.” – Alberto Manguel

An interesting aspect and required ingredient of healing is open and honest communication. I can attest to the many benefits of having friends who we can connect with on a deep level and share all of our thoughts and feelings. Don’t worry about asking for help for these connections have made all the difference in my life and positive steps forward when I was struggling with loss. Most good friends will admit freely that they were happy if not honored to assist.

Having this connection, along with the ability and willingness to discuss our issues, our problems and our deepest feelings about the personal damage we feel, as well as the progress we are making is at the core of our recovery. I have heard it said many times that quality conversations with great friends and loving family members are far more productive than hours in the therapist’s office.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Do your best to keep things simple and work away from over analyzing what it is that you are fighting with or want desperately to achieve. Spend quality time alone and do your best to write down your thoughts, whether it is a journal or simply a letter to yourself. Even better an expressive letter written to someone who has hurt you that you should then ritualistically burn instead of sending in the mail. It will make you feel better and allow for a wondrous release.

If you don’t voice your frustration in some proactive and cleansing way, you and everyone around you will continue to feel your pain.

Communication is not only about your words, it is all about your feelings, thoughts and emotions, so don’t be surprised when someone responds to you in a very positive way when you are recovering and feeling better about yourself. Happiness is contagious…

“Don’t you understand that we need to be childish in order to understand? Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn’t developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see.” ~ Douglas Adams

Be very clear about what you need and want, your clarity of your inner-self will allow for more progress than you would have recognized and appreciated when you are simply needing to improve in a general terms. Practice your affirmative thoughts and positive emotional direction on a daily basis and there will be real measurable progress. You will experience more positive steps forward that will further inspire your progress with a daily regimen of positive thoughts about your journey.

Planning simple changes and transposing these changes into actions and beliefs will make a difference in your and your loved one’s lives, with the help of others you can and will survive, so don’t believe that you need to accomplish your recovery alone. A collaboration with compassionate souls who love you dearly will allow for more progress and may even allow for a little laughter as well.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” ~ Charles Chaplin

Best wishes to all and don’t take any more crap from anyone…


6 thoughts on “A need for healing

  1. I love Dr. Seuss quotes. Being raised in an Asian home, I think my parents didn’t instill the value of communication within family much. There was a lot of pride, hierarchy, etc. So, I picked up the same habits with raising my 2 older girls. I’ve since learned now to better communicate with my children and hopefully my 2 younger girls are benefiting from my changes.

  2. Dr. Seuss is still a mentoring inspiration for me today. I was raised in a loving household with a Dad who was gone all the time working, golfing or singing. My expertise if you will came from the lessons and love of my mother. This I now see as a huge benefit with raising my kids and there are far better for having known their grandmother. Your posts are great… Thank you.

    1. Thanks Greta! I too agree that the allowance of our true selves to emerge and fell unrestricted is a relearned trait. I was introduced to a book called “The self talk solution” by Shad Helmstetter a few years ago that changed my understanding of how we should and can talk to our selves. Today I am on a roll with positive information rolling into and out of my brain, and I think that my being introduced to blogging has been a very big part of this. Cheers and keep writing. Edw.

  3. I love this! We’ve been talking a lot about communication in my house. I have a child with autism and communication does not come easily for him. We’ve been teaching him and his siblings that voicing your opinions and feelings is ok, even if they think we won’t agree, because those feelings are theirs and they are valid. My 13 year old son said “Mom, I would like for you to give me more praise instead of correcting me so much” and on one hand, it hurt my feelings that he thought I didn’t praise him enough and on the other, I was so happy and proud of him for being able to express that. So I set myself a reminder to praise him at least once every day and I know he’s noticed it, too.

    1. Thanks Lisa – Life truly is all about communication and your challenges with your kids will be rewarded by your communicating through openness and unwavering support. I have always been open and honest with my kids and since they were forced to accept the divorce of their parents when they were 4 and 6 years old, this honesty and love had helped them become who they are today. The very best to you and yours, and I believe that there is no such thing as telling your children that you love them too often or giving them too many hugs, or too much praise either. Edw.

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