outstanding in my field…

employmentSo, the economy is showing signs of recovery and we are feeling the positive energy. Having survived another presidential election, the eyes of the world are looking to the United States for guidance.

The attitudes felt and the accolades heard from friends and family who are actually doing quite well as we approach a new year are more than inspiring – they are a vision of hope.

My continued research into California real estate housing market trends, shows a slow but sure recover and the automotive arena is improving as well. Simply as someone who deeply appreciates the automobile as the ultimate form of personal freedom to explore all of America and a huge fan of the car business, I am seeing more new cars on the road.

Bringing me to the question, if not dire concern regarding my own personal search for gainful employment. The struggle continues to be certain, but there is a new thread of encouragement as the painstaking process of researching opportunities and the online application mechanism is being burgeoned by actual conversations with those trying to find quality individuals to fill open opportunities.

I had reached a point where I was perplexed by what seemed was a myriad of factors that were indeed preventing me from making it through the different stages of filtration in the hiring process. Human interaction is a required element in looking beyond what is written on a resume or found in an online search about a person that will surely provide a better connection with who people really are.

The importance of a HR department, their many responsibilities and the distinction to carry out duties in the highly important screening process of potential employees, had me a bit confused with recent and continued online application process failures. The unemployed numbers are misleading when you take into consideration how many people had simply given up on the promise for success.

There are far more people out there looking and hoping than these numbers can accurately depict. The landscape of the job hunter has changed and changed for ever. Is it truly better process with all of the technology available being better able to find the best candidates available?

The primary factors involved in even the simplest recruiting procedures in my opinion hinder the opportunity of a valuable, experienced new hire to proceed. The credit check, gaps in employment and any tarnished remnants following a bankruptcy or foreclosure forced by the economic downturn were not being tolerated. Regardless of the passionate desire of the job seeker, to truly make a difference, become a willing team player in the quest to provide exceptional products and services.

A recent online application process requiring the completion of only step #1 asking questions about employment history, salary range expected, education and an explanation of laps in employment. I had discovered think putting a salary request of $100, or “open” or “willing to discuss” are not allowed or even recommended. There are so many applications to sift through and the time it takes to connect with an individual on a one on one basis simply was not available.

Plus, I see no area for comments and questions where I could include, descriptions like “desperate” or “will work food” or “lets make a deal” for that matter. What needed to be a better communication tool of the who and why of an individual had instead become a convenient form of data screening by a computer to eliminate the lesser candidates. The chance for a face to face interview now seemed to be a very limited possibility.

For some the economic downturn began way before the avalanche that hit the entire world, whether that be via layoff in the corporate world through mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, outsourcing or the closing of a business due to well – the lack of business.

There are simply far too many applicants who are trying to fit back into the system and make a new life for themselves after so many circumstances had taken control and may have been far beyond their control.

So, the search continues and I am working on my personal and professional brand to better establish myself as an asset to so many different companies in my field of interest.

I simply need to get in front of those who make the decisions and who can see that I am a valuable asset and am keenly interested in making a difference, enhancing the company’s direction and future growth.

Lets go America!


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