Another Day

unfetteredWith this very early Christmas morning I am reminded by the warmth rising up from deep inside to be inspired by thoughts and feelings of giving thanks for all the blessings I now hold true with an embrace of what is to come. The significance of the a celebration of the birth of Christianity and the savior of so many souls holds a candle that burns bright in a life anew with possibilities.

One year ago today I sat by my Father’s side in the hospital as he struggled for air, holding my hand and looking up at me saying only with his eyes that he wished it to be over soon. He had lived a full life, a productive and inspired life, wanting more than anything at that moment to be with my Mother, his loving wife.

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” ~ C. K. Chesterton

This rainy morning I am awash with new hope, new ideas, new options and far too many opportunities that openly offer direction in the very best next steps in an understanding that reveals a plethora of choices limited only my the beliefs I wish to now set free. I have come this far in a short period of time, why not keep things rolling with the decisions based in only an optimistic view.

What holds us back are our fears and these hesitations prevent us from breaking free of any resistance based in limiting if not suffocating non-action based in past experiences, bad habits and due to the scars of our past. I reference a common mistrust in our own abilities when I stumble for a moment, to put one foot in front of the other and break free from a life that merely exists, constrains our passionate vision of the future and tethers our release into something far more promising.

The need to congratulate ourselves for the positive advancements is far more influential than any accolades from friends and family. This is our journey of discovery and only our heart of hearts will appreciate what we have accomplished on our journey alone.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ~ Winston Churchill

Reaching out from under an existence bridled by indecision and regret takes a great deal of courage,more inspiration that takes hold perhaps of our being one with a new and better person having most likely reached a point of desperation. The sad stories of those of us who are surviving a dramatic event that has lasted weeks if not years, should be and can be just the inspiration needed for others to break free.

A break in our existence from the day-to-day is required and the decision to make time for these lessons spoken from our souls will indeed impress on our ability to move on, the separation from thinking or feeling that we are uncertain, or not worthy to live on our own terms is paramount.

Our journey and our vision if it will indeed be fueled by our openness to release, to live and to become an entity of existence of the unfettered potential.

Upward and onward…


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