From where to create?

santa barbara (2)As I sit in front of the fireplace with the rain falling outside, the room is filled with light, warmth and the amazing smell of pine and cedar. What would life be like if my winters were cold and I had to deal with below freezing temperatures?

A long cold winter season of chopping wood, shoveling snow and getting rough and ready for the late spring season of cattle round-up and branding would be a huge change.

Not quite a city boy at heart though my idea of winter typically involved fewer trips to the beach with the slight chance of having to wear long sleeve shirts, long pants and maybe even those dreaded socks and shoes.

I would surely be out of my element in the cold, for needing to build and maintain a fire has in my understanding only been for the setting of a romantic evening or in the making of smores. The change from 27 foot elevation at the beach town where I grew up to well over 7,000 feet of high chaparral would be a transition of more than just getting used to the thinner air.

winter cabinTo have to huddle inside with only the quiet of the night and the sounds of the wind and critters outside to keep me company. I am assured that this new home would be a wondrous atmosphere conducive to creative writing.

While I adjust to my new surroundings, what shall I create that is worth sharing? From where shall I draw my ideas and cultivate my written voice as I pursue the quest to be continually inspired?

Will I be spending most of my free time alone or with friends who have welcomed me into their homes for home cooked meals and discussions about conservative politics, horsemanship, the price of beef cattle, rodeos, newly purchased boots and who recently bought a fancy new 4×4 truck?

Will it be a completely new venue or something familiar and comfortable near the beach with a 72 degree average temperature I am used to or will it be something more rugged involving saddles, quarter horses, cattle dogs, untamed nature, a hearty ranch lifestyle with much more muscular demands for daily survival?

There was once an overpowering desire to return to my roots and my idyllic home town location, yet having spent some quality time there recently it has changed from what I once knew. Though still amazingly beautiful, the atmosphere, the people and the potential lifestyle are different in so many ways – it has lost its home town feel.

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” ~ Isaac Asimov

winter cowboysI am more inspired than ever to have the freedom and quality time to create something that I feel will benefit others, deliver good feelings and possibly even a little laughter.

There is little worry or fear of such a dramatic change as I am certain that I will settle in easily wherever I end up and will welcome the chance for a different connection with my soul.

The next best steps will come to fruition in the next few days or weeks and as I gather my winter clothes, my work boots and dust off my Stetson. We shall see if I am destined to adopt a much different lifestyle, hard work, clear air, friendly people, a 60+ mile distance from civilization and maybe even learn how to be a cowboy at 58 years of age…


2 thoughts on “From where to create?

    1. Me neither – I am already scoping out a place to live that reeks of comfort and that will allow my passions to write to explode. There is a ranch close to the town where I’ll be working that is for sale, it’s 40 acres nestled up against the Manzano Mtns. with a 3 bedroom house, a barn, stables, a huge garage and four natural springs fed from seasonal snow melt. Rent is $750 per month or you can buy it for $147k – WooHoo!

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