In search of Peter Pan

tinkerbellTo keep things as simple as possible and remain a boy forever does have its novel attraction – after all, a care free life is something many of us will continue to aspire to.

Why is Peter Pan always flying? Because he never lands 🙂

The allure of retaining some of our childhood innocence draws us away from the responsibility strongly suggested by our society, our peers, our parents or simply humanity in general. A certain amount of “must do” course of action is present, especially when the definition of responsibility includes such contemptible words as “burden or obligation” associated with it.

“If all the world hated you and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved of you and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends.” ~ Charlotte BrontĂ«

Yet as I read, learn, grow, expand and write daily I am drawn more to the desire to communicate in ways that are inspired by purity, freedom from wrong, harmlessness, true kindness and the absence of guile or cunning.

Is what I am trying to accomplish as I mature and continue my pursuit to become a better man destined to join in or break free?

The first words shared as I begin any story of life begins with a desire to communicate, highlight and to convey what I feel would benefit the reader, to inform, enlighten and potentially inspire happier thoughts.

“What we can and should change is ourselves: our impatience, our egoism, our sense of injury, our lack of love and forbearance. I regard every other attempt to change the world, even if it springs from the best intentions, as futile.”  ~ Hermann Hesse

I have been blessed with many wonderful experiences, an amazing family, wonderful children and many great friends. What I have also been burdened with are traumatic life experiences, liars, takers and tragedies that have temporarily influenced my belief that we are in reality pure creatures with the best intentions in mind for our fellow-man.

What is clear and continues to bring me back to the need to write more is the desire to recognize and accept a level of comfort in my direction and to hopefully attain a beneficial collaboration with life. I know that there must be a balance with a combined application of awareness, understanding, inspiration and favorable intention in unison.

kissing peter panTo continue my quest and to better understand that maintaining a level of innocence may indeed be a challenging journey, some of what I have learned from my experiences with others has provided many clues and new direction.

Do not to trust too openly and freely, do not to expect the same level of honestly and compassion from others and never take for granted those efforts which are obvious gifts of love and appreciation from a select few.

Though many might think that my quest to capture a little of that boyhood innocence be a naive crusade and to continue to perceive the world as a wondrous place is foolhardy. I however am convinced that if we were to all refocus our view and approach life with a less intense passion to have our own needs met first, everyone would surely benefit.

For these are the things that must be earned, cherished and held closely as gifts of our existence.


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