unavoidable needs

ThanksWhen life starts rolling along smoothly and the future’s looking bright… prepare yourself, for things will most likely change.

Being an eternal optimist and hopeful romantic, I am of the belief that this change can just as easily be for the better, and at the very least… more good stuff.

I had a rude awakening day recently, I was thrust into the heart of humanity via the processes of standing in line, filling out forms and waiting our turn for assistance. For the first time in my life, I was at Social Services and it was eye opening, more so than any afternoon at the DMV ever will.

I don’t want you to think that I have boarded a ship sailing towards unfortunate seas, for the opportunities just keep rolling in. I had another very positive and informative phone interview this morning, my third with this company and news of their final selection due early next week.

How could I not be jus choppin’ it easy in high cotton with this annoyingly positive and friendly attitude I’m sporting as of late? I mean seriously, after all, there was adventure in the air and I could feel it profoundly.

Poverty In AmericaThe potency of this experience was fueled by a chance to occupy space with people who where openly, honestly and desperately in need, and they were all families with young children.

I felt a powerful obligation to be more thankful, for I was healthy, alive and opportunities were indeed improving. Many of the faces in this large, crowded room however, seemed lost and without hope.

It was very cold outside too, colder than I can remember here in sunny Southern California this time of year and I was worried more about those with very little, those in need and even more so for those living on the street.

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger – but recognize the opportunity.” ~ John F. Kennedy

Through my continual research, reading and the detailed examination of all possibilities I was inspired to make changes originally driven by fear of this unknown, yet today more by my inspiration to learn, grow and the belief that there were always alternatives.

I was raised to understand and believe that our choices are open and endless, yet the scenario I was accustomed to had changed dramatically as there are more people out of work now, far more than the news quoting very conservative numbers in my view.

It was time to pursue different opportunities while depending on me and my heart of hearts while embracing my hidden talents and abilities. This hope and acceptance of and for the future was now what I leap out of bed in the early morning to covet each new day.

What has been my happy home my entire life, this great state of California seemed to be moving in the wrong direction. People like myself in my late fifties, the opportunities just didn’t seem all that promising. It was time for me to venture out on my own and not depend on a job working for someone else, though one to rely on while I pursued a creative venture in my inspired free time was still highly desired.

I was being pulled strongly towards entrepreneurship, more and more than ever in my life, and the possibilities of creating new opportunities was providing a much different view via exciting events and ideas. I have learned much from my time and connections made here in Orange County, yet there is something uncomfortable lingering in the air and I am now looking upward and onward.

So, the adventure begins…


2 thoughts on “unavoidable needs

  1. “When life starts rolling along smoothly and the future’s looking bright… prepare yourself, for things will most likely change.” Isn’t that the cold harsh truth? But it’s all on your shoulders to change the situation for the better!

    1. Thanks Anton – Though I continue to flow with life’s changes, I am more than a little disappointed by other’s decisions and walking down a wayward path. It’s all about taking care of our own challenges first and with this impending move, I am certain there will be more than a handful of them to tackle. Thanks for your comments, Edw.

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