Crafting an expert

the journey

My journey through parts of South Western America is not really all that long, nor is it a road less traveled, a mere 15 hours behind the wheel listening to audio books, stopping at every Cracker Barrel I see, sipping Mountain Dew while munching on Truck Stop beef jerky.

Taking the southerly route this time around it’s a mere 974 miles across Southern California, Arizona and onto meandering two lane highways covering nearly half of New Mexico.

New Mexico sceneryThe Land of Enchantment beckons, almost spiritually as I am anxious for it all to sink in… I am very excited! I can hardly wait to experience the real heart of America again and appreciate my new rural lifestyle and the lower cost of living.

An example of the difference in cost, regular unleaded gas is at $2.85 and diesel at $3.30 per gallon in Arizona and New Mexico. The small fixer rancho I mention below is on the market for $147,000 with owner financing available.

Part of my excitement and anticipation about moving to rural America and the high chaparral is far more than simply the friendly, helpful attitude of the residents. It is the extreme quiet, the breathtaking expansive sky, no crowds, no traffic and no waiting in line anywhere.

cowboy truckThere are far fewer conveniences close by however, and you need to actually plan your trips to the grocery for supplies, but there are many local suppliers of extraordinary beef, pork and even elk if meet someone who hunts.

Within a two-hour radius of where I’ll be living are the amazing towns of Santa Fe and Ruidoso and just a little further to Taos and, Angel Fire and to the Northwest corner in Farmington where the best fly fishing is.

trout fishingWith some of the best elk hunting and trout fishing in the entire world, and I do love fly fishing, New Mexico has some of the best trout fishing anywhere.

An “adventure” opportunity I rather keen on is possibly renting a 40 acre rancho, 13 miles outside of town which is nestled up against the Manzano Mountains.

This little Ranchita has a three bedroom, two bath house on the property, a separate three car garage, a huge barn, four natural springs and horse facilities. The bad news, the rent is an astronomical $750 per month – sheesh!

The clear air of an elevation approaching 7,000 feet, the blanket of stars on a clear night is literally amazing and you feel so much closer to actually touching the sky. I for one will not be taking the natural beauty of this beautiful area for granted.

cowgirlsWell, the packing continues as I further eliminate stuff that I forgot why I moved it last time.

The relocation process is in full swing and I hope to be on the road as soon as next Friday evening. Yee Haw!


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