In saying goodbye

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

into the sunsetThough I am more than little excited about getting the heck out of here, there are some incredible experiences and some amazing people who I will miss, some of them quite dearly.

My connection to the wonders of Orange County began with my attending my very first “meet-up” at SMMOC. At that time, I was driving down from Ventura to Costa Mesa on Saturday mornings.

Our gracious hosts became good friends and both Bob and Kathy have always been gracious, helpful, warm and welcoming. This dear friendship, while attending after hours functions with those from the group and a recent holiday celebration will remain as some of my fondest memories.

The reasoning behind moving here was inspired by my lovely daughter who “strongly recommended” that I move closer to her and it also gave me the opportunity to live with my son again as he transitions to a different college. The decision to blend in with 3.5 million others has been interesting, yet positive and I have greatly enjoyed my time here.

In saying this, I am getting ready to move on and this time it’s a far cry from the comforts and conveniences of Orange County. Having never really settled in comfortably here and though I tried mightily, something has prevented me from relocating permanently. Just not meant to be, but what I have learned while here is invaluable.

A big reason I liked it here so much these past 10 months was the entrepreneurial spirit and meeting so many great people at Social Media Mastermind OC. They taught me everything I know about anything social media and it was here that I discovered my love for writing and blogging with their encouragement via my first 30 day blog challenge.

I will be learning about my writers voice till eternity, but writing is a true passion now and though I post more personal stuff than most in the group, this is what had inspired me until just recently. I now know the importance of writing everyday, and truly believing in my ability to write something great one day.

I have started my first book, actually first books for one is fiction and the other non-fiction. I have completed rough drafts of the chapters and am now working with other authors on marketing, inspiration and motivation. This new experience and connection with myself is wonderful and the writer in me is enjoying himself greatly. I am re-organized and determined on my new path as I add pages daily.

My adventures moving to a remote part of central New Mexico will provide many new ideas for western lore as I hope to make the most out my experiences in the Land of Enchantment. Managing and practicing as a novice chef at a historic hotel / dining room, helping market old west music camps for kids, learning true Vaquero horsemanship, living in a very small town far away from my children will also fuel more than a few stories.

I would like to thank every one of my new friends here personally and affectionately, you have made my short stay here a magnificent experience and to all of you please accept my many thanks and deepest appreciation.

The silver lining in all my experiences here was in meeting a very special woman, one with her own issues and challenges, yet she was an incredible friend and my prayers for her happiness will continue always. She was my first muse, as she reopened my heart to the possibility of love and the power of creating our dreams. The laughter we shared still rings in my ears and for her “special” friendship with me…  I am truly blessed.

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”André Gide (Autumn Leaves)

As always, I am thankful for all that I have been given and my gratitude for this life I now lead is being written down to share with others.


2 thoughts on “In saying goodbye

    1. I be leavin’ breadcrumbs alright – the life adventure and the high chaparral beckons. I am so excited to connect with the earth and sky and the spiritual energy there. I should be on the road by Friday and will be posting updates in FB and even a blog post too. Thanks as always for your comments 😉

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