The journey from congestion

Wandering Along A Road Less Traveled?

Hwy 40 in winterThe decision to head east towards “who knows where” having reached Barstow, CA on the Interstate 15 now confronted with the “opportunity” to choose the seemingly endless Interstate 40.

If you are so inclined you can follow this mostly smooth, well maintained and snow cleared highway all the way to North Carolina covering the most central passageway across America!

The wise choice to stop in Flagstaff, AZ for the night (currently 14 degrees with light snow) and get an early start for New Mexico, almost half of the 957 mile journey beginning in Santa Barbara is complete, next stop Mountainair, NM.

Beale Wagon RoadClosely following the Beale Wagon Road used by settlers headin’ west back in 1859, the Interstate 40 runs a total of 2,559 miles through eight states of which I visited California, Arizona and New Mexico.

A road trip for some means merely an hour or two out-of-town to get a different perspective for a weekend, while others, many of who I have met while on this journey were on their way to discover a new, different and hopefully better life.

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.” ~ T.S. Eliot

The inspiration to make any trip of more than 500 miles need not necessitate an end in mind. I may have a new place to live reserved in a tiny, rural community and a job to build new business at a historic hotel and dining room, there is so much more involved, as this is life adventure created from the heart as I now embrace it fondly.

Becoming part of a community so quickly based only on my initial friendliness, willingness to work, finding a better way, and an interest to practice random acts of kindness I suppose could be found anywhere in America. Here in rural New Mexico, it all starts with a hello, an introduction followed by a brief description of your intentions to live there – is all that’s required.

“When the ranch is in peace, no other life is more perfect.” ~ Charles Goodnight

There must be a better description for the quiet here,  for when you are outdoors alone walking through nature, you can truly hear your body exist. The connection of the all-encompassing spirituality compels and I am drawn towards the rich Native American history in this region.

native american shamanI have been introduced to an energy healer or shaman and plan on spending time understanding better my personal power which has been declared as significant and full of love and light.

Annoyingly friendly has been better described as a positive energy, via a helpful heart and an innate interest in getting closer to those who can and will share of themselves.

The adventure or journey I have chosen will indeed be filled with discovery and knowing that I have made a decision that will empower my creativity and desire for deeper communication, I am at ease with each new step.

My decision to venture beyond my comfort zone and towards a better understanding of myself is with each new day providing a calm and deeper appreciation of all that I have been blessed with and that which can be.

With each new step on my path to new discovery, it is obvious that there is something here drawing me closer to something I have been searching for – the adventure continues.


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