With the earth…

sandia mountainsThere’s new snow on the ground and for a man who has grown up in an “always summer” climate I lived in and loved for 50+ years in Southern California, the difference of weather conditions is a little severe.

Many of my friends “back home” might find life here more than a little different if not challenging or even a little uncomfortable at first.

The cold winter months in the high chaparral of central New Mexico do take their toll on you and making progress with any needed outdoor repairs with the continued challenges of restoring a historic and apparently haunted 1920’s hotel and family oriented and revered dining room.

With a new inspiration of the things needing restoration and a unique work ethic here, some of us just get things done regardless of the weather outside. With little else to do here in my new community of less than 1,000 people, my day begins before sunrise and I am typically in bed exhausted before 10:00 each evening.

Hard work and new opportunities found now inspires my days and though I have had a sore morning or two from overdoing it out at the ranch, the excitement for each new day continues.

cottonwoods in winterWith a very little exploring in and around my new home within a 20 mile radius my progress with purchasing a 40 acre neglected ranch in the foothills of the majestic Manazano Mountains is looking quite promising.

My continued education via the investigation of a once thriving community is a day upon day experience.

My appreciation of the land, the effects of a continuing drought and the availability of water is a daily quest as my research of the aforementioned ranch which includes four amazing natural springs fed by the Manzano mountains has me visiting that local just 13 miles from town almost daily. Wandering the property, discovering the amount of wood clearing to do and much needed work on the existing dwellings needed fills my dreams.

A most impressive and enjoyable part of living here is by far the opportunity to meet fabulous new friends and acknowledge the pleasures of wandering in a land so very different from where I was raised.

Having recently stepped into a different world where I have been given a chance to save a local business, connect with the many lives involved that will help make it run better and more profitably now offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with a very different life.

grey andalusian rearingAs I progress with my desire to connect with my new surroundings and make new connections in many different ways, I am awakened to a lifestyle that includes a different vision of what life here can and will be.

Now entrusted with introductions to cattle ranchers, horse people, railroad workers, water well drilling companies, land use authorities and wildlife preservation agencies.

The variety of characters living in my rural community are as varied as anywhere I have visited during my personal and business travels. People here have a diverse combination of inspirations to live in a remote world some 2 hours from Albuquerque and as I meet and get to know the characters here, I am amazed on how genuine and easy to communicate with they are.

Now that I have lived in this small town for a few weeks now and people have a better idea of how friendly and non confrontational I am, I am receiving invitations to visit near by ranches and have an open invitation to explore the hidden jewels of this amazing countryside.

With the coming of spring and the summer months that will bring a vast amount of tourists who visit the surrounding native american ruins and archeological wanderings that continue to amaze along with motorcycle tours and historic festivals the activity level will increase markedly.

ballooning in new mexico


One thought on “With the earth…

  1. Love the balloon festival!
    I was born and raised in SoCal and moved to an opposite climate where I spent 32 years of my ‘chosen’ life. At eighteen I moved to the woods and waters of Maine and never looked back. When the climate became too severe, my husband and I moved to the high desert of NM and to Hawaii. We love island life, and are disinclined to return to the mainland.
    Glad you are working, living and discovering what the Land of Enchantment has to teach. We will always have a fond place in memory for it.

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