A coordinated effort

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” ~ Issac Asimov

Shaffer Hotel Dining RoomWalking (just a little unaware) into the ownership transition and merger of two businesses in a small town community is far more complex than I had anticipated.

The coordination of the transfer of responsibility while maintaining continued operations as smoothly as possible is easier said than done.

These past few weeks have opened my eyes and heart to the need for evolutionary changeover more considerately handled with an awareness of the deep personal feelings along with familial and emotional ties. The many heart-felt associations with a family run business that has truly become a warm and welcoming fixture in this small, rural community is quite profound.

Amongst the several key individuals I now consider to be close friends in such a short period of time go out of their way to introduce me to the regulars, the outlying ranch owners, the mayor, the police chief, the best mechanics, the best construction workers and just recently are working their magic ways to get me connected with the sweetest and most beautiful women in the area.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” ~ Jane Goodall

My very own family could hardly do a better job connecting me to my new community and I am so very thankful for the people I have met and their efforts and compassion. The personality attributes of friendliness, being cordial, expressing open kindness and a willingness to listen to their stories is certainly paying off as I continue my desire to know personally the majority of the 900+ residents here.

To express my thankfulness for all that I am now involved with here would take far more than this brief description of my love for this country lifestyle. Those who are active in the community with its one small grocery store, the new and rather bizarre Family Dollar store, pitiful gas station, two restaurants, two motels and 14 churches have been extremely pleasant and supportive.

This an amazing place full of promise, of hope and the potential to rebuild a community at the crossroads of two highways in the very center of the state. Having learned about the many different personalities that pass through for a night or two are the most colorful characters I have ever met. The mere fact that we can provide clean, comfortable rooms in a historic hotel that has a friendly and welcoming cafe next door is a big deal.

With “the season” and warmer weather just around the corner, I am busy with connecting with past event clients as well as the planning of new activities and community festivals. There are weddings already planned in our garden setting next door, music festivals in the works and a myriad of activities that include, but are not limited to rodeos, church gatherings, country and western music lessons, art shows, antique shows, wine tastings and chili competitions.

I wake each morning with an anticipation of all that can be in such a small, remote town. It is my new home and I am feeling blessed by my decision to involve myself with such great people, families and what I can honestly admit are more true “characters” than you can imagine.

From the black smith to the barber, I am simply known as Mr. Ed and for once in my life I feel honored to be called the same name as a very special and talented talking horse.

This post commemorates my 100th blog entry and you can rest assured that there is at the very least 100 more stored in my heart and mind. Best wishes and get out the and wander a little…



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