Hands Off…

scaredKnowing that the things you are scared of may indeed be the most rewarding and worthwhile, the chosen trend should be to take on a little more than you bargained for ~ right here and right now.

What may be only a theory in the eyes of many, some of us have found that taking a chance is rather fun and for me, it’s further evidence that I am indeed wandering along on my own road to discovery.

So what if you need a Wal Martini or three after shopping for supplies, vittals and 30 packs of Miller High Life at the largest retailer on planet earth ~ the important things is, you did it and you have survived!

Break free from time to time, expect nothing from anyone and follow your heart, your dreams even. Like the amazing, huge sky that spreads out before me each morning – limitless is an appropriate mode now. The more open communication you offer the citizens of Mountainair, NM the more you realize that they perceive such an odd-looking Californian as friendly and no efforts to impress anyone.

The smallish population (roughly 950) of my new community does what I had not imagined before moving here, that of a mixture of lives, personalities and personal histories that simply amaze. My rather eclectic crew of restaurant employees respond positively to my teasing and have come to appreciate my quest to connect and understand their challenges and create the very best cafe for miles and miles.

I may wear a new, wide brimmed hat here, but what I try to communicate more than anything is fairness and compassion ~ and I am feeling the reward of managing others with a very soft, yet not too distant hand. As more potential cooks, servers and dish washers come into apply for part time employment a major consideration and goal that everyone can get along ~ we shall see.

So very much enjoying the infusion of new, genuine friends, many who have lived in the area and some who have never lived anywhere else than the state of New Mexico. Time travels slower here and as we work diligently closer to a grand reopening the hours are long and all anyone can talk about is our completion date.

“You can have the other words-chance, luck, coincidence, serendipity. I’ll take grace. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’ll take it.”Mary Oliver

So my early days are filled with juggling many aspects of coordinated navigation of projects and seeing the light at the end of a nine week tunnel, many loose ends are being tied up and a new shine appears.

What was a tantrum of broken scenes, our desire for a safe and clean center for great meals, musical events and will soon involve bride and groom, a gala rehearsal dinner and   outdoor, barefoot ceremony with an expected 300 guests.

What at first appeared to be simply a life adventure was transforming into a true rural ranch home, a successful business venture, and possibly a little romance. So, of all the words for obtaining possibile fruition, I’ll take grace and with that I’ll continue to dance aside the many prospects and possibilities.


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