Windy Mornings…

Mountainair muralLiving in a remote, rural community I am truly celebrating my open willingness to appreciate the level of amazing high chaparral beauty, quiet and activities in nature near by.

Simply finding something to do in this small town was at first on the verge of impossible, what I better understand is that you have to wander outside of the city limits.

I truly cannot wait to explore the northern (Red River) and southern (Ruidoso) parts of the state, but for now I’ll simply spend more time in and around the Manzano Mountains.

Heading to town and by that I mean Albuquerque is a normal, regular, if not weekly occurrence for many for it represents civilization and the only place you can shop for supplies and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shaffer Dining RoomThe Shaffer Hotel, Dining Room and Ghost Lounge really are the only and very best venue in town for dining, meetings, musical entertainment and fun. The restaurant having been closed for extensive cleaning and renovations for over three weeks now has put the locals on edge.

Everyone has been stopping by to visit, view the improvements and to ask when we will reopen with a new and vastly better menu. Keep in mind that many of the residents came in to eat, have coffee and visit on a daily basis, some twice a day. You can rest assured that I am on a first name basis with many of them and even know what they typically order and if they tip the servers well.

If you want to go out, have a great meal, listen to live music and have a great time, this is THE place. Our plans continue to get closer to fruition, our recent pre-inspection by the state of New Mexico was filled with “Oh My” and “I am really impressed by what you have accomplished.” Our friendly, yet very thorough environmental department inspector was truly amazed and stated that this is the very best she has seen in well over ten years.

In the midst of a major remodel now nearing completion that ranges from the simple to the ridiculous, most of the more severe repairs are due to construction techniques done previously that border on elementary school math and science understanding. I am honestly amazed from seeing things prior to our extensive repair and upgrade that this beautiful and historic building originally completed back in 1923 has not burned down by now.

It has been an interesting voyage these past few months and I am busier than I have been in years getting this place ready for our season and several events we have planned. Two weddings are in the planning stages, a music event is almost tied down for our grand opening on Cinco de Mayo and the advertising onslaught begins. Bottom line is that the dining room is our best source of activity, employment and profits one the day to day operations.

A final few issues have been attended to, we have all of the paper work completed for the state’s final inspection and I am working with the cooks on the new menu to submit a huge food order for our first week of operation in nearly five weeks now. I am in contact with local farmers, the local meat processors and have just a few things left to do before spreading the word.

Ford King Ranch V10 4X4I am a little exhausted, I miss my kids back in California something terrible and I need to plan a trip that way soon to visit and retrieve the rest of my stuff that’s sitting in storage there.

I need my own place as soon as possible, I need a big 4X4 pickup and I will desperately need a dependable chain saw so I can begin to harvest the overgrowth of trees on the property I am continually dreaming of.

It’s all coming together – Yee Haw!


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