Measured accomplishment

door knobThe simpler something appears, it’s assured that the more attention applied to the smallest of details will help determine your success in any adventure.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”Albert Einstein

“Easy as pie” in the motto here, being more impressed by our group in the dining room and above and beyond is evident these first days and business is picking up with only word of mouth advertisement and a few flyers. Easy dessert is reflected in the laughter of our employees as we work through the rough spots and schedule conflicts. It is easy to see that nearly everyone is happy to be here, and that feeling carries me through these long days.

Doing payroll for the first time in many, many years I anticipated the challenge ahead of time and I am quite fortunate to have other “numbers” people to assist as we have now appointed department heads that get paid more and have fewer weekend hours.

The balance of costs and expected profits is quite fun actually if you can roll with the unexpected events and changes, with the constant activity a welcome change to the sounds and smells of construction. The flexibility and willingness of doing face to face visits, and listening to recommendations to the constantly changing menu.

Coordinating with our customers, servers, dishwashers and cooks is keeping me far too far from any trouble I could be gettin’ into in this tiny town, yet I do have my share of laughter and fun these days.

As with many years past our season in central New Mexico is starting soon and the festivals, rodeos and fiestas are coming. We have two weddings booked, a grand opening on Cinco de Mayo and music event planning is progressing too. I am amazed how people just stop by to eat on their way through or on a loop from Albuquerque on their motorcycles.

This historic hotel and dining room is the best place in town and I plan on making it even more popular and the food more delicious. Champagne eggs and bananas foster french toast for Mother’s Day brunch anyone?


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