a structure of wonder

classic old wood barnAt first what appeared to be a place of storage of things long forgotten, then a covered area for farm animals. Eventually it transformed into a palace for thought, ideas and potential creative development.

It’s my solitary, private, and nearly silent hiding place allowing for a unique appreciation of my new world. The sound of rain and hail on the metal roof, the creaks and groans of old timbers and the myriad of other creatures sharing a semi safe structure out of the elements.

It is at times a heavenly escape where I write and simply be thankful. A blissful and remote refuge where very few are welcome and far fewer are aware of it’s existence.

There is a dirt road of sorts, covered in an amazing assortment of New Mexico mined gravel which will challenge all light duty passenger vehicles.  The faint of heart or unseasoned off-roaders don’t dare venture forth, especially in rough weather.

As I have rediscovered in the appreciation of life, it’s not about the big spacious home, and affluent appointments. What is far more important is an earthly charm, warmth and love – for me now it is all about the barn and the inner surroundings of the past in its weathered beauty.

the manzanos from the rio grande

It’s not loneliness as one might perceive from the lack of population here; it is more an awareness of life through listening and the adoption of a more keen appreciation.

To tour the United States of America via the back roads and lonesome two lane highways provides a view of the majesty of our country.

So life here is different, very different than anyplace I have ever lived or spent much time getting to know. A small rural community has many benefits for me at my age and stage of life, yet there are parts of it that are sad and even somewhat alarming.

The summer is ending and there are thunderstorms ahead, but what excites me most are the State Fair, Balloon Festival and Rodeo that all come in the fall.  The opportunity to become more involved and enveloped in New Mexico and the southwestern lifestyle.

From my tiny town, with the people I have met and befriended, I truly feel more accepted and no longer an outsider. I am learning how to deal with the rumors and the understand the poverty and the plight of some of the residents.

From a remote property hidden in the forest in the Manzano Mountains I have found refuge, I embrace hope and laughter there easily. The earth has opened my eyes to an understanding and of living simply in an area filled with a spiritual energy that can be felt quite strongly – if you allow it to…


4 thoughts on “a structure of wonder

  1. Living simply, as you do, among the earth and silence, filled with spiritual energy is in fact life! Thank you for the reminder that life is within!

  2. Edward, your blog is a pleasure to read (and this coming from a recovering English professor!). I’m adding it to my reader – wish I’d found it sooner though. Not being the lone Mountainair blogger anymore (since Jude left) lifts my spirits. The start of a network is encouraging. I’ve been at it since 2006 and resisting burnout by blogging elsewhere and how – cheating on the Mothership blog in a manner of speaking.

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