of thoughts and passion

intuitionAnother chronological milestone approaches, and a struggle ensues with connecting, sorting and better understanding a rush of internal messages that has me awake very early…  again.

A definition so very compelling – “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Softly and consistently the indications and ideas flow, though it’s quite early on this new Monday, I am happy with these many urges and sparks of inspiration. The race car mechanic in me offers a thumbs up signaling that we are indeed firing on all eight.

Crazy and confused? Yet the voice and ease of translation of becomes more loud, clear and full of smiles and snickers as my “over yonder” compass spins towards a new direction.

Is it my gut telling me to artlessly run or is it a much deeper conversation prodding, insisting that I abandon my search from the comfort of the mainstream, and that the allure of new horizons and adventure awaits. Travel, uncertainty and a connection with people, hospitality and a vacation attitude and lifestyle tugs at my mind and my heart.

Go to where there are more smiles, more laughter and the echoes of happier moments summon my engagement. “Carefree” the most visible road sign blares…

Empathy or electricity? Of impending change, the direction and movement towards “upward and onward” increases from a trickle of insight to a flood of inspiration. It is time to let go, for doing the same thing assuming it’s the right thing should be cast aside and life’s enjoyment be my spark and my responsibility.

Though I am driven by the desire to better understand and truly feel a blissful connection with my intuition, actively searching for an answer dilutes that energy, and the less I willfully maintain that positive flow.

Freedom to walk my own path allows for an embrace of my enthusiasm for the new and different, the less stable and responsible, which I more clearly see as a hindrance and a restriction with connections to the complexity of our society and more importantly with America.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  ~ Albert Einstein


The power of intuition as it connects to our inner self and a more comfortable awareness of our vast mental powers is better described as insight, which from what I have read and studied, are all connected if we simply and freely “allow” it to unfold.

I think of my intuitive connection to be more of a romance with my self which once open and flowing, blossoms at will and carries me into new and more enlightened realms of discovery, like writing a letter to someone no more specific than “you.”

It is not like searching for the light switch in the dark, nor tripping over the rug and falling forward into a new direction. Intuition is more a feeling , an acceptance and an appreciation of the intensity which we have hopefully accumulated through life’s lessons.

These are the building blocks of our hopefully increasing and occasionally intense perception of life and the world around us.

I also believe that intuition and much of our intuitive powers lie deeply in the lessons and communications from our early childhood and once re-released, it is now more my goal that I allow intuition to occur more frequently and most assuredly whenever possible.

“A person in whom intuition was dominant, an “intuitive type”, acted not on the basis of rational judgment but on sheer intensity of perception.” ~ Carl Jung

A better understanding and connection with your intuitive self can also benefit or ease what to do when facing unexpected change. I also believe that with the use of your intuitive powers you can possibly even be made aware of impending changes before they happen.

Feeling a bit of a novice in regards to my powers of knowing connects deeply with my personal searching and research education these past several years, it is now my opinion that the desire to write and better know myself is connected with what connects me with the laws of attraction. I choose to attract my future through those thoughts, feelings and experiences that leave me smiling and wondering what’s next.

There is an obvious connection which evolves with a continued desire to understand and as this passionate process ensues… a new, passionate and far better connection with the self may indeed provide a better road map of life beginning with fifty nine.


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