applying clarity through mindfullness

Ruidoso RiverMy newest, best friends are mule deer, elk, mountain lion, bear and blue jays who remind me each and every early, early morning that true, deep appreciation of the sights, sounds and smells of my much closer to nature home are undeniable, unmistakeable, truly amazing and not to be taken for granted.

With the deep, deep desire to start anew signaled by the arrival of spring in the mountains I have been reintroduced to the real meaning of lent, of its spiritual connection and how it should be a part of our lives.

I am a much more “simplified” man these days and what is truly important I have discovered living in and around nature, chatting with the critters and especially being close to fresh mountain waters. The only welcome participants in this life are those who care, are actually involved and who can truly appreciate the uncomplicated, almost elementary life.

It’s a sixth sense to learn from listening, truly and deeply listening to people and “feeling” from where they come, how they got here and what inspires them. I am a huge fan of genuine characters and they do indeed bring me happiness and a sense of wonder about mankind.

As an intelligent people who commonly understand lent as a period between seasons or the forty day preparation before Easter. My deeper understanding now also includes reflection and re-evaluation of what was learned or realized in a previous cycle or season, yet the typical meaning of “Lent” for all comes from a very deep desire to start anew.

ruidoso new mexico

“When you’re meeting your goals, being productive, feeling a sense of purpose, enjoying prosperity, and flourishing in all areas of your life, it can feel as if you’ve reached the end of a long road and all suffering is behind you.” ~ Ronald Alexander

These past ten years have been difficult, challenging, frustrating at times and filled with more wonder of and for the world than any other extended block of time I have ever experienced.

Now that I am approaching the end of my sixth decade as a single, happy man and can take advantage of the senior discounts allowed by my distinguished gray hair and scruffy salt and pepper mustache, I have been given the honor of people actually thinking that I know what I am doing. Well, that is pure nonsense, but thank you for your vote of confidence…

Today, I am reading more than I ever have, and now that I am convinced that I am indeed a writer, I consume each day with more curiosity and concern for the truth than ever before. If I had the time and the money to go back to school, I envision that my attitude towards learning and growing is in comparison to my curiosity of my early twenties.

My spiritual connection is far more diverse and grounded than I could have ever imagined back then, and when I get together with just myself and truly appreciate the world around me, the advice from my heroes, favorite authors and the experiences of the day are helping me determine that it is so very clear what I deeply feel and welcome the desire to renew.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

As a father of grown children, I have discovered it is better that I leave them alone to access the many lessons they have learned from me in ways that are silent reminders about the difference between right and wrong.

They are remarkable creatures, each going their own way and learning from the attempts to survive and succeed. Their experiences will determine their fortunes and I do hope that they learned a little about life from their dear old Dad and his absolutely annoying sense of humor.

New Mexico MorningSo, I’ll leave this with you and hope that clarity is a huge part of your life, that your desire to start fresh again, take on the world with new hope, new inspiration and a nagging attitude of all the possibilities carries you to many more tomorrows.

By being clear about what you want and no longer contradicting it with opposing thoughts, you will enable the Laws of the Universe to do their work, and you will not feel a need to offer so much action to compensate for inappropriate thought. By offering deliberate thought, you will harness the power of the Universe, and it will require far less time for you to accomplish much, much more” – Esther and Jerry Hicks


One thought on “applying clarity through mindfullness

  1. That’s an honest and insightful message I can relate to. The simple life with nature is so much rewarding than city life.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck.

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